June 2019 - Update

Making USA memories - Fishing with G!

Making USA memories - Fishing with G!

While in the USA…

Our responsibility in the USA is to travel to different churches, make connections, build relationships, and raise funds so we can return to the Philippines. We are 6 months into our itineration cycle. We expect 6 more months. We have two budget goals we need to reach: 1) Monthly Support Budget. We are at 89%! 2) Cash Budget. We are at 15%.

We are believing God will provide!

Kelli with the team from Destiny Church, Columbia TN, on a walk in the Philippines!

Kelli with the team from Destiny Church, Columbia TN, on a walk in the Philippines!

Columbia TN to the Philippines!

In May, Kelli hosted a team from Columbia TN to the Philippines! These ladies were amazing! This is the third year this church has sent a team to minister to the kids of Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch. We feel so blessed to have such faithful friends! These ladies shared the love of God with testimony, and painting nails!

We would love to host a team from your church too! Contact us to learn more!

April 2019 - Update

Driving Pawpaw’s tractor!

Driving Pawpaw’s tractor!

On The Road!

Since returning to the USA in December for 12 months of itineration (traveling the USA to make connections and raise support), we have traveled over 4,000 miles! We have visited Colorado Springs, Memphis, Nashville, Columbia-TN, Cookeville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Jackson-TN, Greenville-TN, Birmingham, and White Hall-AR!

Three young ladies ready to take the next step in life!

Three young ladies ready to take the next step in life!

Spreading Their Wings!

On March 27 our school year came to a close. Three of our young ladies are ready to depart our care. They have lived with us almost 8 years. We will always be family for them! We have a next step plan for these young ladies. But they need your prayers. They are well aware that life outside HHCR can be difficult. We hope we have helped them build a solid foundation through Jesus to build a life on. Now they will put that foundation to the test!

September 2018 - Update

Hello Family and Friends!

We are so thankful for you, our faithful partners!

We hope are well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord!


We hope you are well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord.

We encourage you to print it and post it as a reminder to pray for us.

The Lord has done a lot in the Philippines and we are honored to be representing you and Him here!

Praise Report!


24 are water baptized, including our son Lincoln!

  • A few other major points:

    • Due to some unexpected news we will be returning to the USA in December 2018. We will spend 1 year in the USA connecting with current and new partners. We would love for the opportunity to meet with you! 

    • We will need a house and a reliable vehicle while we are in the USA.

    • We will be returning to the Philippines in 2020!

    • If you can help us in any of these areas, please contact us by email, Facebook, or our new Skype number 901-302-9447 (you can call us from any phone!)

Thank you!

June 2018 - Update

Hello Friends! 

Thank you for praying for us and supporting our mission in the Philippines!


We love what we do, though not everyday is a glorious adventure 

April, May and June we have hosted many wonderful teams from all over! April and May are summer months here in the Philippines.

The teams loved on the kids of HHCR (hhcr.org), as well as painted dorms, our gate, and taught music! It was a truly wonderful summer!

In addition to these wonderful teams the last three months have had their ups and downs. We battled a drought that cost us $200 a week in busing in water. We released 17 HHCR kids from our facility because they aged out of our program. We have been helping them manage their new life too. School has started back. One of our Ranch kids fell and broke her arm, she is ok now. The laws of the Philippines concerning school requirements have changed again, and we helping our kids cope up. It is time for annual photos with our child partnership ministry One Child Matters, so we have been capturing update photos from our 1,700 sponsored kids. Due to funding our feeding ministry with Convoy of Hope has been reduced from 5,000 to 2,000 kids. Our generator for our Ranch facility – home to 45 kids, 30 staff, and my family, has become un reliable and will need some major repairs. Our personal budget has been in the red the last few months as well. Non of these things was a surprise except for the generator and our budget. God has been with us every step of the way! Thank you for praying and believing in us! We love what we do!

If you would like to come or send a team please visit: WideOpenMissions.com

God bless you!


April 2018 - Update

We are so thankful for you! Our faithful supporters! 


We understand you pray and give because you believe! 

There is no way we can know your sacrifice and dedication to our mission here in the Philippines. But please know we are thankful for your partnership!

Kelli and I  have had a very busy first 4 months of 2018.

You can also keep up with us on our Facebook Page {Click here}

Keep us in your prayers, and we will keep praying for you.

~John and Kelli, Clara, Lincoln, Bonnie, and Graham