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We are John, Kelli, Clara, Lincoln, Bonnie, and Graham Williford missionaries to the Philippines. We have been serving with Missionaries Glenn and Nancy Garrison at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch (HHCR) in Cebu, Philippines. I would like to say a special thank you to the Garrisons for allowing us to join them in this ministry to help the hurting, love the abused, restore hope to the forgotten and fight against the injustice of human trafficking! The Garrisons after serving in the Philippine for 25 years, have transitioned back to the USA for state side ministry. They have installed Kelli and I are the acting directors of HHCR. With the help of the Admin Team of HHCR, we keep this incredible ministry moving forward! 

We first came to the Philippines in December 2010. Before that we served at Discover Life Church, in Johnson City, TN as Children’s pastors for six years. Kelli and I were married on April 3, 2004 at Discover Life Church shortly after taking the position as children’s pastors.

Kelli graduated college from ETSU (East Tennessee State University) with a teaching degree in elementary education in 2007. During our first term she served as a teacher at HHCR (Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch) in the Philippines. Now she is a part of the Administration Team at HHCR, overseeing the Kitchen dept., Livelihood dept., and Feeding Program. I am the pastor of our campus church. I also oversee the Maintenance dept., and manage the communication with HHCR supporters. Our kids attend the campus school Happy Horizons Academy with the other Filipino kids.

Our mission: Be a loving family to those kids who have been rescued from human trafficking and abuse.

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We work at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch ( We are helping kids who have been rescued from human trafficking and sexual abuse. We are parents, teachers, pastors and friends to these kids. I have even been the maintenance man, security guard, and the ambulance driver for some of these kids. The kids at HHCR are amazing! God created them with a purpose and plan for their future. We want to be God’s hands, helping these kids fulfill the purpose God created them for.

“‘For I know the plans I for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11

We feel that we are answering God’s call by helping these kids to know God and make Him known.


We also work with One Child (formerly Mission of Mercy) O.C.M. is a child sponsorship program. HHCR is the conduit for One Child Matters in the Philippines. HHCR has partnered with O.C.M. to help over 1,700 Filipino kids get through school and receive any needed medical attention. Through this ministry, HHCR is able to tell many of the local kids about Jesus by hosting a Saturday morning kids’ church. At this event, the HHCR staff makes sure that each child has all the supplies needed to attend school. They also help the children write correspondence letters to their supporters.  The nursing staff is also available during the week to meet any child’s medical needs.

HHCR has also partnered with the disaster relief and world-wide feeding ministry of the Assemblies of God Convoy of Hope ( With this partnership, we are able to feed lunch to over 2,000 Filipinos five days a week. A huge food shipment is delivered to the HHCR campus every 3 months and then distributed to the local Assemblies of God churches, who hold daily feeding programs.

We have learned how these ministries can work together to not only meet the physical needs of the people, but also minister to spiritual needs of the people.


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